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what is our project about?

Our project “CHECKMATES-CHESSMATES! Fostering student motivation through logic games” is a 6-school partnership: Romania, Poland, Spain, Lithuania, Hungary and Bulgaria. It is co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.  


Our project seeks to introduce CHESS and other LOGIC GAMES as a way of MOTIVATING students and enriching their learning. We also aim to encourage communication and intercultural exchange among students and teachers to strengthen our ties as Europeans.


Our specific OBJECTIVES are as follows: 

  • Objective 1: To build relationships among the 6 partner schools through 3 short-term student exchanges and 3 joint-staff training events.

  • Objective 2: To develop at least 3 methods to use chess or logic games in the classroom by organizing teachers’ workshops.

  • Objective 3: To increase the effective use of ICT tools by both teachers and students by using computer and game-based learning activities.

  • Objective 4: To reduce the number of conflicts on an institutional level through transnational activities that focus on developing efficient and positive communication among participants.

  • Objective 5: To develop students’ and teachers’ intercultural competence so that they can identify, accept and value cultural similarities and differences between partner countries.

Tangible Outcomes


  • 3 short-term exchanges of students (Poland, Bulgaria and Spain)

  • 3 short-term joint staff training events (Hungary, Romania and Lithuania) 

  • A website to present the project

  • Christmas CHESS cards

  • Use of the eTwinning platform 

  • Chess classes as an extracurricular activity at partner schools

  • An album of snapshots from the project

  • A Book of Games

  • An Erasmus+ project book

Intangible Outcomes


  • Improvement in participants’ skills in chess and logic games for learning and fun.

  • Exchange of good practices between partner institutions on game-based learning.

  • Greater motivation for students and teachers.

  • Improvement in English language use and skills.

  • Improvement in computer skills by using ICT resources for project implementation. 

  • Improvement in peer cooperation, teamwork and social skills. 

  • Greater knowledge of different cultures to build positive international relations and future cooperation.

Motivation and Inclusion

Two key elements of this project are MOTIVATION and INCLUSION.
By incorporating logic games into learning, we aim to MOTIVATE.
Also, this project is not only for one specific age group or from students who are strong academically; it actively seeks to INCLUDE everyone.

Communication and Dissemination of Results

This project is not just about playing chess and visiting partner schools -- we also aim to SHARE our results with our communities and the public. We disseminate our results both in person, within our schools, between members and in the public media, using both physical and digital media including platforms like eTwinning.

Want to learn more?

Find out more about our project's partner schools, visits and the activities we have done.