activities and events

After collecting submissions from partner countries, a decision was made in the logo contest for our “Checkmates-Chessmates” project. There were some excellent entries! And the winner is…

Our Hungarian friends taught us a song about chess, “Cikcakk sakk”. Their students even sang it to us. Later, our Romanian friends translated it to English and we sang it together. This is our song!

In our visit to Bulgaria, students chose names from a hat. The name was the person that they had to send a Christmas card to. There were some very creative cards, sharing traditions from our countries. And students were very happy to receive them! 

book of games

Partner schools have learned about different ways that we can use chess and other logic games to enrich learning and motivate students. One of the final products of the project is to produce a BOOK OF GAMES to summarize what we have learned and share it with others.

To celebrate Erasmus+ Days we organized a special event, where students, teachers and families at Szcsvay Imre spent a beautiful day full of chess, fun and family activities in the countryside. The day’s activities were a joint celebration of our School Day, the Global Chess Festival and Erasmus+ Days. Check out our photo album!

Szacsvay Imre Secondary School from Oradea, Romania organized #Erasmus Days by connecting to the Global Chess Festival hosted by Hungary and Hungarian Grandmaster Judit Polgar, considered the greatest female chess player of all time. In an interview about the event, she mentioned our school!